Vote for Jagan Is Vote for KCR


Temperatures elevated a couple of bars more in both the states with the election schedule declared. AP politics have become more interesting this time with the division and the political parties vigorous campaign each determined to get to the “CM” destination. Meanwhile, KCR’s intervention in AP elections has added fuel to the fire.

Owing to the events and addressing the polls Chandrababu has put up the press meet from Undavalli speaking of the coming war where he proposes people that voting Jagan is nothing but voting KCR. “Who are you?” asked Chandrababu to KCR on taking part in Andhra elections. When KCR does not want Andhra ruling in Telangana, Andhra won’t allow Telangana’s in its territory, said Chandrababu.

The Chief Minister also pleaded the voters to keep checking their votes every day until March 15th pointing the possibility of vote fraud. Well, the elections are all here. Let’s see who makes it this time.

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