What Is 2 BHK In Telangana?


What is 2 BHK? Two bedrooms, hall and kitchen, one would say. But ask HYderabad’s Lok Sabha constituency’s BJP candidate and firebrand Hindutwa leader Dr P Bhagavanta Rao! Pat comes the reply: 2 BHK is Baap and Beta. Dad KCR and son KTR. H stands for Siddipet MLA Harish Rao and K stands for KCR’s daughter Kavitha Kalwakuntla.

Bhagavantha Rao who is conducting an extensive campaign in the old city is pitted against four-time MP and MIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi and a TDP candidate from Munnuru Kapu community. Bhagawanta Rao, a consummate communicator, is using the 2 BHK analogy to explain about the dynasty politics in the TRS. “The TRS is a family party of baap, beta, nephew and daughter. Only these four persons will get benefited and none else. The party will do nothing for the people of the state, ” he thunders.

Bhagavanta Rao contested for the MP seat during the 2014 elections and lost to Owaisi. This time around, he is again trying his luck.

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