What KCR Said About Cyber Towers Comes True!


Telangana CM K Chandrasekhar Rao disclosed that former Congress CM Nedurumalli Janardan Reddy laid foundation stone for Cyber Towers in Madhapur. He made it clear Hyderabad became an IT Hub because of favourable climate and unity in diversity.

The comments made by KCR came as a shocking blow to TDP Supremo Chandrababu Naidu who kept claiming that he developed Hyderabad as IT Hub. In the recent press conference, Naidu claimed to be unaware of whether or not Nedurumalli laid the foundation stone. He, however, maintained Rahul Gandhi wasn’t the PM when Nedurumalli served as AP CM.

Actually, KCR told, ‘IT Companies had seen the potential in Hyderabad and conveyed that to Rajeev Gandhi. Following which, Rahul guided then AP CM to do what was required to develop Hyd as IT Hub’. Never did KCR say that Rajeev was the PM when Nedurumalli ruled AP. Even if he isn’t the PM, He have the authority to pass orders to Congress CM.

A Paper Cutting of Nedurumalli laying the foundation stone for Software Technology Park in Madhapur when he was Chief Minister of United AP in 1992 went viral. Then, Industries Minister P Ramachandra Reddy also featured in the photograph. A Pro-TDP Media House published these facts much to the shock of Ruling Party Leaders in AP.

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