Why Did You Do This Ramya?


Kannada actress, Ramya, who did act in few movies in Telugu, became highly popular in Kannada after a string of hits. She became so popular that many producers just wanted her dates to announce a movie.

She came into National wide reckoning by participating in Lok Sabha elections and winning as Member of Parliament.

The second time, she lost in 2014, but still as a Congress party leader from state, she grew as a close member in Congress party’s president, Rahul Gandhi’s core young team..

She handled the digital campaign of Karnataka Congress wing. But on the polling day, she failed to vote. She did not cast her vote in Mandya, where she has registered herself to vote.

Ramya is not getting trolled heavily on social media for not casting her vote and many are calling her a misfit as a politician and a leader, as she did not even fulfil the first duty as a responsible citizen.

Well, the actress is not reacting on this issue and her silence is giving raise to many conspiracy theories. Why did she not vote? Where is she? We are also waiting for answers.