Why Is Kukatpalli Very Important?


Any talk of politics in Telangana stops at Kukatpalli assembly constituency. Every party is talking about it and every politician is looking towards this constituency.

Why is Kukatpalli so important? This is one constituency in Telangana where the settlers form 90 per cent of the population and most of them belong to a single community. Hence TDP had won this seat many times.Once, even a political notice like Jayaprakash Narayan has won from this constituency. Even in the last elections, the TDP-BJP candidate has won the elections.

This time again, Kukatpally is a hot topic of discussion. The TRS wants to win it at any cost. All Mahakutami parties want the seat to be allotted to them. The TDP says they have the support of the settlers and want the seat for it. In fact, many leaders are vying for the seat.

Even in the Congress, Kukatpalli constituency incharge Seri Satish Reddy and NSUI state president B Venkat are demanding the seat for themselves. They all claim that they have the support of the settlers. The TRS has already nominated the sitting MLA for the seat.

Though he is facing heat from the dissidents, he is confident that he will ultimately win. But, in the final analysis, it is the dominant caste that decides the winner.

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