Why Vijayashanti Decided Not To Be A MOM?


Vijayashanti disclosed she wasn’t active politically after 2014 Elections due her ill-health. ‘It took Me two years to recover from the major surgery. That is why I stayed away from films and politics,’ she told.

The Actress-turned-Politician told she decided not to have children to devote rest of her life to serving the people. ‘If we have kids, We might become selfish and greedy. That is why we decided not to have children. I treat people like my children. Measures will be taken to offer all my assets to public through a Foundation named after my mother and myself post my death. I had already dropped all of my jewellery in Venkateswara Swamy Hundi. I don’t want to lead a luxurious life,’ says the Congress Leader.

Ramulamma opined, ‘Chiranjeevi is very sensitive and hence he wasn’t able to last for long in politics. One has to be strong enough to withstand all the conspiracies and emerge victorious’.

When quizzed about Jana Sena Chief, Vijayashanti felt Pawan Kalyan is very aggressive and a peculiar person. She went on to say success of PK depends on how long he could put a spirited fight.

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