Will Akbaruddin Owaisi Be The Next T Chief Minister?


Will MIM do in Telangana what Kumaraswami did in Karnataka? With barely 30 seats, Kumaraswami, whose seat tally was way too below that of the BJP and the Congress, became the the chief minister of Karnataka. In its desperation to prevent the BJP from forming the Government, the Congress supported Kumaraswami of JDS for the chief ministership.

MIM’s Akbaruddin Owaisi has dropped a bombshell on Friday when he said: When Kumaraswami can become the CM of Karnataka, why cant I? He said it is only after the results of the Telangana electiosns are out that people will know who needs whose support. This is being seen as the first indication of MIM’s changed strategy. Till yesterday, MIM was the trusted ally of the TRS. Today, the MIM says its candidate can become the chief minister of the state.

The MIM is actually smelling an opportunity. It has seven MLAs and can get another two if it plays its cards well. With nine or ten MLAs in a house of 119, it can become a kingmaker if no party gets a majority. Either the Congress or the TRS may in desperation extend outside support to the MIM as is being now done in Karnataka. Who knows the election could even throw up a surprise verdict!!