Will ‘Chill Thata’ Help TRS?


Telangana Rastra Samithi is very confident of their victory in next state elections in Telangana as the opposition is clueless in the state. Congress leaders don’t have a good leader and Telangana TDP lack strength.

If there is any anti-incumbancy the acts of senior Congress leader like V Hanumantha Rao are making sure that people will again choose TRS only, according to the TRS cadre and leadership.

The politician decided to teardown posters of KCR on the public transport buses of the state. VH did the same for Arjun Reddy movie and got trolled as “Chill Tatayya” in the social media and the movie became a huge success.

Now, TRS cadre is saying that this is a self goal from VH and he is really a covert role for Congress. On the other hand, VH said that he did so as any party shouldn’t get political mileage according to election code of conduct and TRS is misusing Government vehicles as free publicity for them.

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