Will Shed Modi’s Blood and Stop His Breath


A video featuring Pakistan-based terrorist Hafiz Saeed’s most controversial remarks on Prime Minister Narendra Modi is widely circulated. Hafiz Saeed was seen saying that he would shed Narendra Modi’s blood – literally Saeed said he would kill Modi. The video saw Hafiz launching a vicious verbal diatribe against Modi.

“We will not keep quiet. We will rip out your tongue,” Hafiz Saeed said while addressing people in Pakistan. Referring to the construction of hydroelectric projects in Jammu and Kashmir, Hafiz alleged that India is trying to stop the supply of water to Pakistan. “You say – you will stop water to Pakistan? You will defeat the objectives of CPEC? You would utter nonsense and want us to keep quiet?” Saeed said. “If you stop the water, we will stop your breath.”

The video was posted by BJP’s spokesperson Sambit Patra. He tweeted the video on his Twitter page and tried to drew comparisons with Hafiz Saeed to Opposition parties.

Not Just United Opposition, Hafiz Saeed Too Wants To Stop Modi

Kicking up a huge storm, BJP’s spokesperson Sambit Patra equated Pak-based terrorist Hafiz Saeed with the United Opposition front that wants to stop Modi becoming PM in 2019.

Posting the video, Sambit wrote, “It’s not just the not yet formed ‘Mahagathbandhan’ that desperately wants to stop India from having Modi as its PM in 2019�€�there are others as well�€�desperately trying for d same! Hafiz Saeed openly saying that he will shed blood of Narendra Modi.”

However, when media played up the story, Sambit has tried to clarify that he has not equated Opposition parties with Pak-based terrorist.

“Of course this is not a comparison! Modi Ji�€™s attack on Black Money and corruption is getting the opposition in India on one page while His attack on terrorism & Surgical Strike is pushing Hafeez Sayed to desperation! This proves that the Modi government is moving the right way! (sic)” Sambit further wrote to set the record straight.

However, Sambit’s message has gone out already before his clarification came.