World’s Most Expensive Vodka Stolen


Vodka-StolenIn a headline-making incident, the ‘world’s most expensive’ vodka bottle, approx. worth USD 1.3M was stolen, and recovered two later, in empty state.

The bottle, made of gold and silver and having a diamond encrusted cap, was on display at a bar in Copenhagen, capital of Denmark. The bar had a collection of vodkas on display. The CCTV footage showed an intruder grabbing the vodka bottle and fleeing. The bottle was found unbroken but empty on a construction site in the city, two days later.

No one has any clue about what might have happened to the vodka. Police think that the thief must not have any idea about the bottle’s value or he wouldn’t have thrown it after presumably drinking the vodka in it.

The owner of the bar said the empty bottle was still valued at the same price. He added he had more of the same vodka that was previously in the bottle and that he would refill the bottle and put it back on display.

To mention another remarkable feat of the bottle, it had featured in an episode of the popular TV show, “House of Cards” as a gift from the Russian President to the US President.