Kamara Kattu Tamil Movie Review


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Cast:  Pasanga fame Sriram, Sattai fame Yuvan, Raksha Raj, and Manisha Jith
Director: Ramki Ramakrishnan
Producer: Revese Creations and Sri Daksha Innovations
Music Director: Faizal
Timesofap Rating: 2.75/5


The story of Kamara Kattu revolves around four students Sriram, Yuvan, Raksha Raj and Manisha Jith. In their school ages, the two pairs fall in love with each other. Unlike the normal love story, Kamar Kattu takes a different angle in love.

The guys who fare well in school do not fare well in college. On the other hand, the girls who lag in school do well at college and these girls inspire the boys to do better in exams. Until then they promise not to meet the boys. The boys who miss their girls badly do not concentrate on their studies and as a result they fail. Meanwhile the girls join their college and gets to know the two rich guys and start moving closely to them.  Has the girls changed their minds? What happens when the school-friends-cum-lovers comes to know of their new boyfriends? Would they tolerate? Or would they leave them alone? What happens to them in the end. And what is that horror element in the movie? Who dies and for what? The story revolves with turns and twists with thrilling suspense. Director Ramki Ramakrishnan has took a different path in story-telling with Kamara Kattu.

Artistes’ Performances:

The two young heroes Pasanga fame Sriram and Sattai fame Yuvan have performed the given roles in perfect way. In school life as well as college going, both of them have done a good job for their roles. The young heroines have made justice to their roles.

Plus Points:

Kamara Kattu’s different storyline is a plus to the movie. The twist with horror elements that comes after the interval makes audiences wonder what would happen next.

Faizal gives audiences the real musical feel of the movie. Cinematographer Sridhar has done a great job for the movie.

Minus Points:  

The screenplay is somewhat loose in the movie. Should have knitted tightly.

Music plays major role in  such horror movie genres. Some more efforts could have been put.

Analysis: Kamara Kattu is a good entertainer with some horror elements.

Verdict: The movie is worth watching once.