Best Actors Movie Review


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This movie revolves around the young actors Nandu, Madhu Nandhan, Abhishek and Naveed. These are the good friends and Nandhu is a king of a guy who wants to flirt the young girls. Madhu Nandhan is a software employee and he always tries hard for promotion in the office. Abhishek wants to be an aspiring director whereas Naveed is a love failure guy.

These guys got bored with their routine life and plans a trip to Goa for unlimited enjoyment. There Nandhu and Madhu meet Madhurima and Monallini. The relationship grows but these two couples come to know a bitter truth, which changes their life. What is that bitter truth?  What happens to the two couples? Forms the rest of the story.


Actor Nandhu delivered the best performance and his performance in romantic scenes and emotional scenes is perfect. The introduction scenes of all the lead characters have been showcased well. All the young actors performed well and especially Nandu, Madhu delievered displayed superb emotions and did justice to their roles.

Madhurima did a decent job and she looks hot and attracts the audiences with her sizzling looks. Kesha Khambhati, Shamili, Kriti will entertain the audiences big time.

Plus Points:

This movie is high on glamour quotient

Cinematography is pretty good

Dialogues of this movie are nice

Minus Points:

First half of the movie is little bit boring

Certain comedy scenes are not executed well and the songs are misplaced


Cinematography is very nice and showcases the grand visuals in a superb way. JB music and background score are good. Editing could have been better as many scenes looked lengthy.

Director showcased a serious issue in a hilarious way and his direction is okay but should have concentrated more on the script. The production values are ok and the makers have brought a decent movie within a limited budget.


Youthful entertainer of the year!