Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu Audio/ Music Review, Rating


Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu Audio/ Music Review, Rating

Music Director: Mani Sharma

Lyricists: Bhaskarabhatla, Baba Sehgal

Singers: Hemachandra, Karunya, Narendra, Chaitra, Murali, Sravana Bhargavi, Srikrishna, Geetha Madhuri


Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu film has total six songs in this album. Bhaskarabhatla has inked all six songs and obtained a single cards lyricist for CMGR movie. Music director has used nine singer for this album

First Song: CMGR Theme

This song is sung by team of Hemachandra, Karunya, Narendra and inked by Bhaskarabhatla. Lyrics of this song has put forward few interesting Hindi & English word clubbed well into powerful Telugu lines. It’s a high voltage song especially made for Pawan Kalyan fans describing the character which he is portraying in this film. Singer of this song has done the needed job by them, which pumps up the blood of Power star fans and undoubtedly the one of the best song in this album.    

Second Song: Pillani Choosthe

This song is sung by Karunya, Chaitra and inked by Bhaskarabhatla. It sounds like a peppy number with mix of few mass beats included in them. Karunya voice suited perfectly for this song, his voice sounded very different from his other songs , yet its fresh and good. Chaitra complemented her part to a decent extend, supporting fresh lines by Bhaskarabhtala  given to this track  

Third Song: Joramochindi

This song is sung by Murali, Sravana Bhargavi and inked by Bhaskarabhatla. Here’s the item song of this album with beautiful piece of work from its lyricist and both the singers. Sravana Bhargavi voice has provided the needed masala and mood to this song. She could be the new face for singing item songs in Tollywood. Male singer Murali was totally over shadowed by Sravana Bhargavi but at the end the output of the song is very listenable and foot tapping

Fourth Song: Extraordinary

This song is sung by Hemachandra and inked by Bhaskarabhatla. Lyrics and voice lended by Hemachandra are truly extraordinary in every second of this track. This song will definitely make Hemachandra must wanted singer by every music director in T-Town. He has nailed the song totally and its surely stands as best song in this album.   

Fifth Song: Taladinchuku

This song is sung by Karunya, Hemachandra, Srikrishna, Narendra and inked by Bhaskarabhatla. Lyrics of the track has put straight question to the society and to lazy citizens of India who just cares for his bed & breakfast. This track is very strong & emotional and singers of this song will awake the energy in the listeners.  

Sixth Song: Melikalu

This song is sung by Geetha Madhuri, Narendra and inked by Bhaskarabhatla. The track looks very entertaining with classy lines by the lyricist and both the singers voice has given the graze to the song with their voices. As usual Geetha Maduri & Narendra has given their best to this song and made it listenable to a maximum extend.


Mani Sharma has done a good job and given a entertaining album which satisfy Pawan Kalyan’s fan but missed a slow romantic melodious songs in this album.

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