Cuckoo Tamil Movie Review


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Film: Cuckoo
Rating: 3.25/5
Starring: Dinesh, Malavika Nair
Director: Raja Murugan
Producer: S. Shanmugam
Banner: Fox Star Studios
Music: Santhosh Narayanan
Release Date: 21-03-2014

Cuckoo Movie Releasing on 21st of March, Cukoo deals with the life of two visually challenged youngsters.Cuckoo is directed by debutante Raja Murugan, who has assisted director Lingusamy in Bheema and Paiyaa. Attakathi Dinesh, Malavika Nair played the lead roles in Cuckoo and Aadukalam Murugadoss will be seen in a pivotal role. Keep checking the space for Cuckoo Review to know if magazine writer Raja Murugan proves his mettle as a director.

Fox Star Studios and AR Murugadoss’s The Next Big film have jointly produced Cuckoo, which is being distributed by Thirupathi Brothers banner. Will the makers continue their success stream with Cuckoo?Songs composed by Santosh Narayanan are good and the film’s trailer garnered viewers attention. Will cuckoo live upto audiences expectations and how about the works of cinematographer PK Varma and editor Shanmugam Velusamy?

Cuckoo Tamil Movie Review

Irrespective of the language, romantic sagas are popular around the globe. But not every romantic story turns into a cult classic. History has taught us that films which are narrated in an unfamiliar backdrop, unique characterizations, realistic narration and soulful music have been celebrated as cult classics and undoubtedly Raju Murugan’s Cuckoo is one of the rare romantic dramas which is having all the above mentioned attributes.

Raju Murugan’s Cuckoo opens with his own narration, he is shown as a journalist turned assistant director who happens to see a ‘missing’ poster of Tamizh (Attakathi Dinesh) whom he has already interviewed, along with his lady love Suthanthirakodi (Malavika). The film unfolds from Tamizh’s point of view, also telling us about the whereabouts of Malavika and whether their love story turns into fruition.

First of all a big kudos to Raju Murugan, for the honest attempt of portraying the visually challenged persons’ life in a poetic narration. In the past many film makers have told physically challenged people with sympathy shade, but Raju Murugan has portrayed colorful, happy moments of these people which is seriously chilling.

Not just with the narration, Raju Murugan has proved that he is a master even in characterizations. For example the inclusion of Chandrababu, MGR, Vijay and Ajith look alike in the drama troop is an intelligent idea. Also the uncaring government employee passenger,  political broker, selfish brother, a police officer who tries to act to a blind man are sheer brilliance and they will be staying in our hearts forever.

Coming to casting, Dinesh has given a life time performance. It won’t be a exaggeration if we compare his acting with Kamal’s classic Rajapaarvai or Moondram Pirai, the actor is sure to go places after this movie and deserves an award. Malavika Nair has equally done a good job, also the characters like hero’s friend Aadukalam Murgadoss have also done a great job.

Along with brilliant casting and realistic characterization, Santosh Narayanan’s music is another major strength for Cuckoo. Be it the songs or the BGM, the music composer has done a brilliant job. Also it is refreshing to see how the director and music composer have celebrated the legendary composer Ilaiyaraaja in Cuckoo. Audience are thoroughly enjoying the scenes where Ilaiyaraaja’s songs are used which shows the love they are having on the maestro.

Though the film has plenty of positives, the climax appears to be a bit melodramatic and certain things including the way lead character find each other appears to be unbelievable or in positive terms – magical. Also some might feel that the movie is lengthy and the makers could have trimmed some portions in the second half.

Nevertheless, Cuckoo is heartwarming film which is sure to bring smile when you are coming out of the cinema hall.

Final Verdict: Cuckoo is a beautiful love story with well executed humor and emotions Worth watching.


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