Moksha Movie Review


Cast : meera jasmine
Director : Srikanth Vemulapalli
Producer : P Amarnath Reddy

Chubby and cute. That’s Meera Jasmine for you. What, if she were to be cruel also? Say, like a blood-sucking vampire! Phew! She’d get your goat. And you’d run for cover. The others had no chance.

Moksha (Meera Jasmine) is a pampered girl. Her father, single after her mother’s death, dotes on her so much that he will not even accept her step into the kitchen. Or even step out of the house, as we see later. The only time she seems to step out of her flat as her neighbour Srinu (Rajeev Mohan) observes is during the night.

Srinu’s friends rag him at college and there’s a vamp who tries to cling on to him. Instead, Srinu prefers the vampire – not knowing that only human blood can satisfy her thirst and hunger. Meanwhile, there are mysterious murders in town. There’s no clue to the serial killings which happen at night. No, the killer isn’t Moksha.

Moksha hardly talks but she infuses confidence in Srinu as their friendship gets stronger. The timid Srinu gives his college mates a taste of what he can dish out if he were to get real angry. No, Srinu does not use that knife is secretly carries in his college bag and does not kill.

But who is behind those mystery murders? You’d have to wait until the interval and the chilling fact is revealed. Moksha’s father, a security guard (Nassar) is the killer on the prowl. He kills and Moksha sucks the blood of the victim. On one occasion, he’s caught and the victim he is after, throws acid on his face. Death is inevitable. Moksha does not hesitate to even kill her father, at his own request, and suck his blood.

How then does the loving daughter turn into a vampire and still be a human? Director Srikanth Vemulapalli makes Moksha herself narrate her tale to Srinu who now realises with whom he had developed such good friendship. It’s time to take a decision about the girl he has innocently harboured in the house.

Forget the not so well framed shots at certain places in the movie and the repetitive scenes that do not add to the narration but the director has shown he can handle suspense the way it has to be. Rajeev Mohan was as plain as he was to be for the role. As for Meera Jasmine who had a completely deglamourised look all through the film, the talent was seen in the way she looked at her would-be victims -cool and cruel.

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