Pavitra Movie Review


Pavithra-Movie-ReviewMovie: Pavitra
Cast: Shriya Saran
Genre: Drama, Romance
Language: Telugu
Director: Janardhana Maharshi
Producer: K Sadak Kumar, Maheswara Reddy G
Release Date: 07 May 2013

Shriya Saran’s new movie Pavitra has got released today.The writer converted director Janardhan Maharshi has directed this film.The trailers made a buzz in the recent days & created a prostitute angle on Shreya.I’m talking about her role in the film.Surprisingly,audience will feel the otherway round.Sri Lekha has composed the music for this film.

Let see the Story Line:

Due to unavoidable circumstances,Sriya(Pavitra) will be thrown in to prostitution.Everybody knows,that field has only entrance and there is no coming back.She feels herself comfortable in prostitution as she keeps on helping other innocent girls who are forced to join this rust.In the meanwhile there will be a spoil sport.A spoiled rat by name Shiva(Shivaji) who is a professional photographer.But not so professional in his character.He lures all the innocent girls in to prostitution and starts making his un-ethical money.He literally black mails all the girls and takes money from them illegally out of their own blood and sweat.

Pavitra fights against this guy and send him to prison by trapping him in a planned manner.Thus,she saves lot many girl’s lives.In the mean while,a guy by name Abhi(Kaushik) gets attracted to Pavitra & falls in love @ the first sight.Unfortunately,his father is also a spoiled rat.He is an M.L.A(Sai Kumar).He agrees to their marriage,but he has some other negative plans against them.Sai Kumar wants to kill them to gain some political advantage.It will be later on hit by Pavitra and saves her self from all the mud and the negative plans.Ultimately,in a dramatic situation,Pavitra enters in to Assembly by becoming an M.L.A.Some scenes like: Party meetings and some other political scenes are shot well.

How she wins that tough situation in her life? Who tries to keep hands on Pavitra?Does Pravitra title name is justified by the director?What is happening in the real life? If somebody wants to know the answers to these questions,they must watch PAVITRA!!


Shriya did an excellent job as a prostitute.I heard some comments at the back from few audience like: ‘It seems Shriya has a real time experience in doing these kind of roles’.One should not pass this kind of -ve comments actually.However,her performance is up to the mark.She is quite attractive in all kind of dresses and is looking gorgeous even though she is becoming older.

Dialogues are powerful.Few dialogues gets a huge applauds from the audience.

Shivaji’s performance is GOOD.

Sai Kumar did well.

Music by Sri Lekha is O.K.


Script seems to have lost its grip very often.

Editing part should have been more better.

Brahmanandam & Ravi Babu’s talent was not utilized up to the mark.

Songs are So So..

Overall,it is a different movie.A different script from the routine car chasing scenes etc..,Audience may have felt,that there might be a lot of exposing from Shriya.But they might get upset with the less dose of Expo! A kind of an OKAY film.If at all somebody doesn’t have any work to do & wants a real time pass,can go and watch this movie once.


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