Race 2 Movie Review Ratings


Race2Race 2 Movie Review Ratings

Release Date: 25 Jan 2013
Cast: Saif Ali Khan,John Abraham
Genre: Action – Thriller
Language: Hindi
Director: Abbas Burmawalla
Producer: Ramesh Taurani,Kumar S Taurani

Ratings: Coming soon

The Race movie has amazing star cast suited to this kind of genre and on top of that it’s a sequel to successful first installment. On Saturday the movie will also get advantage of Republic Day National Holiday and a good weekend looks solid on the cards.

Race 2 Review:

The expectations are always high from an Abbas-Mustan flick as they are best known to offer a suspense thriller drama. The prequel of Race what had was a descent plot for which one could run of his or her brains. Here what the problem lays with its sequel are all fluff and no stuff making difficult for one to exhaust. Want to get entertained, once again don’t get into logics and statistics as we have been being doing for some recent past action masala flicks.

 Race 2 Story:

The story begins from where it was left. Ranveer played by Saif Ali Khan and Sonia played by Bipasha Basu are enjoying their life perfectly.

But not for too long as Sonia is killed earlier under mysterious conditions. Furious Ranveer is now in hunt of the murderer and is helped by Robert D’Costa reassessed by Anil Kapoor who is now a refined Club-Owner living a luxurious life with his Fruits. While it was Sameera Reddy in the first installment, it’s a comeback lady Amisha Patel to accompany Costa as her secretary in the second.

Ranveer in quest arrives in Turkey and face-off the Indian mafia Armaan Malik played by the bulky John Abraham. Armaan is accompanied by his love interest Elena depicted by Deepika Padukone. So what else Ranveer finds there and what is Armaan Malik’s story? You get to know in this brainless Race 2.

It’s a race to win, while in reality you lose your patience at numerous occasions. Like Abbas-Mustan’s flick as seen in last few including Players, Race 2 is never an inch behind in glamour, beautiful babe and not to forget hot wheels. The beautiful locales of Turkey, sea beaches are beautifully picturised and are mesmerizing.
There is a slick treat of high adrenaline action scenes that rates up to be one of the best in Bollywood. With thrillers being their forte, and action their main course, Abbas-Mustan do not disappoint in this department. Having said that we have to mention that there are brainless action sequences and will make you wonder that how this could happen.

Adding more to the loopholes it’s a race, we are told, on numerous occasions, by the two leading heroes and their two gorgeous sidekicks but what actually they are racing for is never justified. Some of the action sequences are unnecessarily inserted.

Abbas Mustan had shown some promise and glimpse of a good plot in ‘Race’ but ‘Race 2’ is just a lazy sequel of a famed potboiler and seems they want to debit the success of first installment.

How Stars in Race 2  Performed:

‘Race2’ steers away from any such attempts, and instead focuses on good looks and charm mostly.

Performance by Saif Ali khan is good like he was in Race. The first half of the film belongs to him in every way including looks, style, and dialogue delivery… the entire package.

John Abraham’s performance is another Plus Point.

He gets plenty of time to reflex his muscle and looks good.Anil Kapoor as Robert D’Costa once again with his double-meaning jokes fall flat while is act is good.

 Deepika Padukone, Ameesha Patel and Jacqueline Fernandez are gorgeous in the movie, but Deepika looks more convincing out of three as her part will interest you.

The camera work by Ravi Yadav like Race is commendable.The music by Pritam is already busting all the charts. It’s a delight to watch them out in theatres especially ‘Party on my mind’ and ‘lat lag Gayee’. The back ground score by Salim-Sulaiman is OK.

Final Say:
Put down with a bad script, I’ll go with 2.5 stars for this action drama which has nothing new to offer except half dozen of glamorous star cast. Just give a try as it’s a Republic Day weekend or else wait for the next flick to hit the theatres.


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