Rajamouli Eega Movie Live Updates


Eega Movie Live Updates

Eega Movie Live Updates

Movie Name : Eega

Cast : Nani, Samantha, Sudeep
Music Director : M M Keeravani
Film Director : SS Rajamouli
Year : 2012    TeluguNow.com
Rating: ****
Director : SS Rajamouli
Banner : Vaarahi Chitram
Producer : Sai Korrapati

CBFC Rating : U/A(Under Elders Supervision)





11:10 am :    The Complete Eega Movie Review and Rating Here….

11:00 am:     Mindblowing way to the end of the movie

10:58 am :    Sudeep decides to confront Eega and hatches a plan..Interesting scene between Sudeep and Samantha….climax..

10:51 am :    Engaging chase sequence between Eega and birds, very well shot…Sudeep discovers another shocking truth!!

10:47 am :    Sudeep gets reminded of Tantra’s words and reaches him for help…Sudeep discovers Eega’s identity…Tantra the black magician gives the remedy

10:44 am :   Sudeep’s funny explanation at project meeting…Eega’s troubles to Sudeep continue.

10:36 am :    Tagubothu Ramesh enters….Hilarious Comedy scene..tickles your funny bone

10:34 am :    Eega Nani and Samantha planned with each other to kill Sudeep

10:29 am :    Eega’s innovative techniques to trouble Sudeep, the song continues

10:28 am :    Eega reveals to Samantha about himself, creative..Samantha’s expressions in emotional scene apt..Eega vows revenge in an interesting manner..My name is Nani song…

10:18 am :    Sudeep begins his investigation to confirm if Eega takes revenge

10:17 am :    Second half begins… Srinivasa Reddy comedy…

10:04 am :    Accident to Sudeep!! Interval!!

09:57 am :    Rajinikanth comes on TV, whistles in theatre

09:56 am :    Eega’s torture to Sudeep continues..Well shot graphics and humorous

09:51 am :    Eega makes Sudeep naked, funny scene…

09:45 am :    Eega’s disturbance to Sudeep begins…

09:39 am :    Eega meets Samantha…Trying to get her attention…Interesting

09:35 am :    Eega’s journey begins…from bubble to tennis ball to apple…gripping background score…

09:35 am :    ‘Eega’ is born!! Nice graphics…

09:25 am :    Nani- Sudeep’s sequence gets engrossing, Nani gets tortured and is killed…very touching… Time for some graphics as Nani’s soul enters the egg of a housefly…

09:24 am :    Koncham …. Song begins, Nice picturization

09:23 am :    Excellent camera angles by cinematographer Senthil… Sudeep’s strong and intense expressions are riveting… Nani’s witty dialogue on blank sms and blank cheque…

09:16 am :    Interesting sequences between Nani and Samantha.. Samantha’s voice dubbed by Chinnmayi gives that special effect

09:12 am :    Nene Nani Ne song in the backdrop…interesting presentation

09:05 am :    Samantha enters the scene followed by Nani.. Whistles for Nani’s arrival

09:02 am :    Interesting title introduction… Introduction scene features Sudeep in an interesting way

09:00 am :    Rajamouli’s ‘Eega’ Movie Started…

Rajamouli Eega Movie Full Review

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