Siva Thandavam Movie Review


Siva Thandavam Movie Review, Siva Thandavam Telugu Movie Review, Vikram Film Siva Thandavam Rating

Movie : Siva Thandavam
Cast:Vikram, Jagapathi babu, Anushka Shetty
Genre: Action – Romance
Language: Telugu
Director: Vijay A L
Producer: C.Kalyan
Release Date: 05 Oct 2012


Shiva Thaandavam film is one more trial of National award winning actor Vikram trying his fate at Telugu audiences. This film has three hot beauty’s Amy Jackson, Lakshmi Rai & Anushka Shetty and family hero Jagapati Babu is doing a key role. In his film Vikram is portraying the character of a blind person who works as RAW agent to India, who goes on a mission of finding his lost colleague. Technical team of this flick has A.L.Vijay as director, who has also given screenplay & story. G.V.Prakesh has given tracks & this is his 25th film. Cinematography is done by Nirav Shah and editing department is taken care by Anthony


Siva thandavam takes off in London on 1st Jan, 2011 with a violent note. A year later, enters Kenny [blind Vikram], a blind man working as a Pianist in a London church in the day and will be on bloody Vendetta mission in nights. Kenny will be traveling using a car driven by Sathyan [Santhanam], a crazy MGR fan and will be supported by a mystery woman Geeta [Lakshmi Rai], who helps Kenny in doing bloody murders in London.

The movie siva thandavam will be juggling between the flashbacks and present, meanwhile Kenny meets up with the glamorous Sarah [Amy Jackson] a beauty queen turned model and circumstances bring them in constant contact with Veerakatthi [Nasser], a police officer in London suspecting Kenny as Raw Officer Sivakumar [Vikram]. Here comes a flash back episode that shows the marriage rituals of Sivakumar and Meenakshi [Anushka], which also involves Sarath [Jagapathi Babu], Sivakumar’s best friend and colleague. As story progresses things take a turn and Siva happens to see Kenny face to face.

What was the reaction of Sivakumar after meeting Kenny? How Kenny is related to Sivakumar? How AL Vijay shaped up the climax of siva thandavam tying all the knots will form the climax of siva thandavam…


Chiyaan Vikram is the best in siva thandavam both as Sivakumar and blind man Kenny. Vikram has lived the roles and handled the film siva thandavam on his shoulders with fewer dialogues and more eye expressions.

Anushka has done her role well and especially her entrance scene in rain has got good response from audiences. Amy is just like plastic in her roles.

Santhanam did his best with good timing and one liners like “Google la search pannanu ennna madhiri oru good boy ye kadikkamattan sir” with Nasser is good.

Jagapathi Babu and Lakshmi Rai haven’t given length. Jagapathy Babu was limited to just 2 scenes in first half leaving some clues for the investigation leading to the climax. Lakshmi Rai did a crucial role and lived up to mark in the cameo.

Technical Analysis:

Firstly AL Vijay should be congratulated for his consecutive 5th clean U certificate from the censor board. The Deiva Thirumagal director has utmost tried to utilize all the characters in the movie with an engaging script that lacks with slow paced screenplay.

Music and background scores composed by GV Prakash Kumar are one of the highlights of the movie, siva thandavam especially the tracks Oru Paadhi Kadhavu, Yaaradi Mohini, Uyirin Uyire are topping the charts. Art formations in the Uyirin Uyire song need special mention and the cinematography by Nirav shah is as usual.

Action sequences by Manohar Verma are good especially fights done by blind Vikram when he is attacked by six foreigners in a London park is awesome. Editing works by Anthony could have brought better results for the movie, as there is slow rapidity.


Siva Thandavam first half is just utilized to plot the characters for some intervening parts of second half. May be the second half is better engaging than the first, but has some interesting scene.

Mainly investing scenes with Jagapathi Babu, comic sequences with Santhanam and Tappachi mama, mappillai et al family introducing scene went well with audiences, while rest of the film is slow and steady as per the script.

Shirtless Vikram with 6pack body is awesome in the fight for Heroine and was shown well, while there are also scenes that miss the general logic, especially when Vikram escapes from cops chasing him on bikes and cars by traveling a cycle.

Final Verdict:

Barring few ups and downs with the pace of the movie, siva thandavam makes a descent watch.

Vikram Thandavam Movie Censor Review

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