Veta (2014) Movie Review


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Releasing on : March 21, 2014
Star Cast :
Tarun, Srikanth, Jasmine, Madhurima
Director : Ashok Alle
Producer : Praveen Bala
Music :Chakri


Bhagyaraj rises as Don of Hyderabad with the help of Jagan (Srikanth). At a particular instance, Jagan goes arrested for a Crime, though he is innocent. On the other hand, Karthik (Tharun) finishes his studies in Bangalore and moves to Hyderabad in search of a job. Fortunately, he comes across Bhagyaraj and joins his gang in the name of Murali. In that aspect, he gets closer to Bhagyaraj’s sister (Madhurima) and his brothers. At the same time, he is in love with his college mate Jasmine Bhasin. After a while, Karthik starts killing brothers of Bhagyaraj one by one during land settlements. Later, Bhagyaraj goes furious in searching for the one responsible for his brothers’ death. Meanwhile, Jagan comes to know about what had happened to his boss and joins them in the hunt. Later, he remains awe struck knowing about his brother, who is responsible for these Crimes. At the same time, even Bhagyaraj comes to know about the truth and plots to kill Karthik. But, Karthik reveals the secret behind killing his brothers in the name of Ajay-Pravallika.

Who is Pravallika, why did Karthik kill Don’s brothers, what did Bhagyaraj do in return, how did Jagan save his brother are the most interesting scenes we need to watch on the screen.


Director Ashok Alle has come out with a regular idea in the name of revenge; failed to portray a new path with story and screenplay. Female actor’s expressions are not all good and he has to do well in driving output from.

Cast Performance:

Srikanth is really good in his role and Tharun had tried to manage in two different shades- lover boy and mass hero. First half looked routine and Jasmine Bhasin is not at all good in her role, in every aspect. Person, who played as Villain had done well. Madhurima’s role is not so effective.

Technical wing:

Music and Camera work are not up to the mark.

Plus points:


Minus points: