Allu Sirish Gets An Award!!


The statement itself is a surprise to many but when you are powerful enough you can get anything you want. Allu Sirish wanted an award and someone decided to give him.

We are not implying that he got it somehow but he seems to have done not much to say that he deserved it.

Lulu Fashion week 2019 in Kochi gave him this award naming it as Crossover star of 2019. He acted with Mohan Lal in 1971, a Malayalam war film that tanked badly.

He acted as an army officer and his performance earned criticism there. Movie became a biggest disaster in Malayalam and Telugu too.

But this award seems to be the biggest thing to ever happen for Sirish and his PR team is trying to make meal of it!

Well, we hope he finds box office success with his ABCD scheduled to come on 17th May, at least!

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