Aatagadharaa Siva Trailer: Unusual Characters And Interesting Premise


Aa Naluguru fame director Chandra Siddhartha is coming up with a Hangman’s story. Aatagadharaa Siva shows us the unique journey of a hangman and the person who is to be hanged by him.

One man kills for living and the other runs for life. The premise seems very interesting with unusual lead characters.

Chandra Siddhartha also added humor to this thriller drama by casting Hyper Aadi in a supporting role.

The film seems to be made on a limited budget, which reflects in the visuals. However, the real strength of the film lies in its interesting setup.

In Aa Naluguru, the director told the story of what happens after a noble man’s death. Now he tells the story of a convict who is about to die.

The director has picked up something very different from usual yet again and shows his mark.

Rockline Venkatesh is the producer for Aatagadara Shiva that is readying for release shortly.