Agnyaathavaasi Official Trailer


In most of Trivikram’s films these days, philosophy is taking centre stage as the talented director carved out a name for himself by narrating some beautiful stories in such setup. And now, Pawan Kalyan’s “Agnyaathavaasi” is no different.

While the teaser of the film already fascinated audiences, the trailer gives a better insight of what is to come inside the film. It starts with Pawan Kalyan explaining how a chair is made – trees cut by axes, made into the wood by axe, polished by blades and hit with nails- behind every luxury we run for in life, there will be a mini-war. And that sets the whole film into motion as we could understand that the luxury being sought by Pawan’s character will have some friction to face.

At the same time, the way Pawan romances Keerthi Suresh and Anu Emmanuel in his trademark style enthralls his fans and also family audiences. While Anirudh’s music surely created a terrific excitement, the way he has come up with fine single-instrument tunes in the BGM are a stunner.

Written and directed by Trivikram, the film falls in his trademark family comedy once again and all others are just adding to it.

And the way other characters react about Pawan, especially Murali Sharma and Rao Ramesh, it is ‘rachha’ maximum.

Sharma: “Malli cycle ekkutada varma?”
Ramesh: “Vaadu edhi ekkina parledu kaani manalni ekkakunda vunte chaalu”