Akshay Kumar’s ‘Baby’ Official Trailer


Akshay Kumar’s ‘Baby’ Official Trailer

On November 16, micro-blogging site Twitter went abuzz with the trend ‘Waiting for BABY Trailer’. Despite its teaser being launched on 20th November, the expectations of Akshay’s fanbase were riding high in recent weeks. With a lot of mystery around the actual plot, the curiosity seemed to have deepened. So much so, that the trend is turned into a full blown online movement with fans doing a countdown since an hour.

The actor was overwhelmed with Twitterverse’s reactions and released another poster to appease his fans yesterday. The wait has now ended as the makers unveiled the trailer as promised.

Akshay is known for his daredevil stunts and action sequences and you will get a fierce taste of it. He is playing the role of Ajay, who is a member of the forces and forms a covert Counter Intelligence Unit to fight terror in India. We just get a glimpse of Taapsee Pannu who will be seen in a pivotal role in the film. The fact paced track will grip you till the very end. It looks like the movie will be as entertaining as his last film ‘Holiday’ and will also give a dose of practicality like ‘Special 26’.

The film helmed by Neeraj Pandey seems to be a hard-hitting one but with subtle action and a touch of realism. The film also features Rana Daggubati, Anupam Kher and Danny Denzongpa. Not much of the plot has been given away in the trailer which has taken curiosity to another level. Watch the action packed trailer here.