Avengers Infinity War Final Trailer


Marvel Comics boasts of several superheroes.. Spiderman.. Iron Man.. Captain America.. Thor..Hulk.. Doctor Strange etc. Avengers is a successful film franchise where all these superheroes come together to fight the evil forces. In the latest edition ‘Avengers: Infinity War’, all these superheroes are coming together again to fight the mighty evil force Thanos.

Marvel released the 2 minutes 23-second trailer of the Infinity War today and it showcases how all these superheroes united to fight Thanos who is trying to take control of the universe by collecting Infinity Stones. The trailer teases with the shots which suggest the end of some of the superheroes. Marvel fans are wondering about which of these superheroes will die ultimately in this film.

If we trace back to the Thanos character, Thanos is a Titan who was born with a physical deformity which is referred as the deviant gene. Thanos falls in love with Mistress Death and becomes the powerful murderer. His powerful dialogue in the trialer is “The end is near. When I’m done, half of humanity will still exist.”

When a powerful villain is at the other end, it is always challenging for the multiple superheroes to stop him. Avengers: Infinity War is getting ready for the release on April 27.