Dyavuda teaser: Director claims that he has spoken with god!


Cashing on the sentiments of people is easiest business these days.  Right from fake Babas.. to making controversial films to hurt the feelings of people is part of this. A director recently came up with a routine revenge drama, by making in his own style and succceded in getting huge publicity. Coming to the present, another director appears to be trying seriously to create controversies with the teasear of his movie itself.

Let’s go into the details.. Recently a movie teaser has been released with a title ‘Dyavuda’ which was popular hook line of Bunny in ‘Race Gurram’ movie. Director is claiming that he made this film after directly talking with God. A house is shown in the teaser where God will be present in the house.  He has shown three happy go lucky couples and hinted that God has changed their life with twists.  They will turn against god.

He has shown some ugly scenes like offering beer, cigarettes and meat to God. Whoever watched the are criticizing the it.  It appears the movie will not come out of censor with this kind of scenes.