Photo Story: Mahesh’s ‘SPYder’ look is rocking


‘SPYder’ has become a hot topic in the entire South ever since the news broke out that the film makers have finalized Mahesh movie title as ‘SPYder’.  The same title was heard earlier also.. but it has assumed importance after the film makers registered it.  Similarly, fans hungama started in the social media.

As the eagerly awaited title is out.. will the die hard fans of Mahesh keep quiet ?  They are showing all their creativity in designing posters by using technology.. and they are sharing the posters in social media.  Out of all those posters one poster grabbed the attention of the netizens.  If anyone take a glance at the poster, they will surely think that the film makers have released the poster.. not a fan-made one.

Mahesh was wearing a maroon colour shirt.. blue soft jeans.. dark green jacket in the poster. He is walking.. and a shadow is visible in the background like a silhoutte as if Mahesh is running.  ‘SPYder’ title was also designed almost similar to ‘Spiderman’ theme.

Even though it is a fan-made poster, it has become viral in the internet.  When a fan-made  poster has become viral.. what about the orginal ? If the original poster releases, it will difinitely create a sensation in the social media.. and shake the twitter for sure.Photo-Story---SPYder--look-is-rocking