Ravi Babu’s piglet film Adhugo Pre-teaser


Ravi Babu is back with a new movie. He has earned a name for himself for being out of box even when he is doing some routine stuff on screen. His horror and thriller films like Anasuya, Avunu have become highly popular but he is also known for comedy entertainers like Nuvvila, Allari and Party.

He is now coming up with a comic film after Laddu Babu. His previous film, Avunu-2 did not work as much as the first one and he took a break for 6 months to develop the idea involving a piglet as the main character. He finally did it and brought some trainer piglets from Australia to shoot the film. Even though it needed to be completed six months ago, the VFX work took some time and he is now, ready to release the movie.

He released a pre-teaser of his piglet comedy, Adhugo on 2nd October. We can say the character of piglet seems fun and witty. We have to wait and see how audience will react once the movie releases to the entire plot involving a piglet. Until, then he is the pre-teaser for you to get an idea.