Both YSR-C And TRS Merging With Cong!


Situation looks tough for Congress in 2014 with many issues troubling the ruling government. For this reason, Delhi bosses are opting to merge other parties into their kitty and here is Kiran’s reaction about that.

Speaking with National media, Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy felt that mergers are not at all required if all our MPs and MLAs unite and stand on the same word. ‘If our people unite, mergers are not at all required. Anyway, Sonia will take a decision about merging YSR-Congress and TRS into our party’, said CM Kiran. With these words, CM has indirectly confirmed that talks are going on at Delhi level for the merger of these two parties into Congress.

With CBI slowing down already in Jagan’s case and TRS leaders not taking part in T-March, already there is a doubt about the merger even before 2014 polls. Analysts say that there will not be an immediate case of merger, but they cannot rule out the possibility of coalition. SRC:gulte

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