Samaikyandhra Congress leaders to boycott AICC


seemandhra-congress-leadersHyderabad: The Seemanadhra Congress leaders have decided not to attend AICC session, scheduled on January 17 at Delhi in a protest against state bifurcation. It is not confirmed whether CM Kiran Kumar Reddy would also abstain as it could become an open defiance but the AP assembly is also meeting

According to congress sources CM advised other Congress representatives not to attend any the AICC session specially designed to declare Rahul Gandhi as PM candidate..’Why should we become party to a decision which will boomerang on the party ?, he told his supporters .

However the Vijayawada MP Lagadapati Rajgopal is eagerly waiting for the AICC meeting where he wanted to move a non-official resolution for Samaikyandhra and make a plea to revoke CWC decision on Telangana formation.