700 Theatres Across The Country On The Verge Of Shutting Down!


Before the multiplexes came into the scene, single-screen theatres are the biggest money spinners of the film industry across the country. Despite the entry of multiplexes and their rapid growth, a major share of income comes through single-screen theatres. But they are facing huge difficulties from the past few years.With OTT platforms reducing the run of films at the box-office and people preferring multiplexes, single-screen theatre owners are facing losses. At this time, the virus outbreak came in as a huge blow for them. According to some internal reports, over 140 theatres across the Telugu states will be shut down if they are not opened by October and run in full capacity. There are 700 such single-screen theatres that are going to affected.

At this time, experts say that the government needs to provide some sort of tax exemptions and come to the aid of theatre owners and help them stand up on their feet again.

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