A 13-Year-Old Boy Terrifies Rajnikanth!


A few days back, a call came 108 staff saying that a bomb was planted in Rajnikanth’s house. Alerted by this, the officers immediately rushed to the superstar’s house along with the bomb squad and dog squad. They searched the entire house and did not find the bomb anywhere. They came to the conclusion that it was a fake threat that came in as a relief to everyone.

They started searching for the notorious guy who called the emergency services and tricked them. They found out that it was a 13-year-old boy who lives in Nellikuppam of Kadalur district. The police found out that the boy was mentally unstable after going through his medical reports. However, this news created a lot of worry to Rajni fans and maybe Rajni himself. The young boy’s actions created chaos completely for a few hours as per sources.

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