A Telugu ’90 ML’ Kick!


Karthikeya with RX100 became a successful hero and he is looking to build on the success and became a star hero in TFI.

His next film in the direction of Shekar Reddy is confirmed to have the title, 90 ML and the official announcement will come soon, it seems.

The title is already going viral as Oviya who has a huge Army like Kaushal in Tamil Nadu with Bigg Boss, is doing the film.

Due to the content and the extreme adult scenes, the movie trailer is already creating a controversy. Oviya is taking it as publicity and is making videos that it is her life.

Well, as she is making it famous, even Telugu 90 ML, might also find good traction on social media, soon. Miriyalaguda Ravindra Reddy could produce the film.

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