Acharya Could Have Been PSPK26!?


We hear lots of rumors and gossips about could have been, should have been projects from all the corners. When it comes to big heroes and directors, we hear the most about them than the confirmed news from them.

The latest one is that Acharya was supposed to be a movie with Ram Charan. Koratala Siva designed a story keeping the actor’s image in mind, it seems.

But the actor felt it would be better with heroes much elder to him as the character seemed very powerful and message in the film is also very strong and relevant, it seems.

Rather than him giving a social message already in his career, he felt Pawan Kalyan would be apt for the subject it seems.

He sent Koratala Siva to his uncle and got ready to produce it, if Pawan Kalyan accepts the offer and the script.

But PK wanted to work full-time as a politician and he felt, Megastar Chiranjeevi would be apt for the film, than him, it seems.

Hence, Megastar Chiranjeevi heard the story with him as protagonist and Siva always had a special role for another hero in the film, it seems.

He developed it and Ram Charan accepted to do that powerful guest role, it seems. The same was said to have been offered to Mahesh Babu, recently.

We don’t know if Ram Charan will do the role or will Mahesh Babu take up the offer? For now, nothing has been confirmed.

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