Actress Private Pics Leaked By Casting Director


In a bizarre incident, an upcoming actress’s private pics have surfaced the internet off late. The actress is slowly picking her pace in getting good opportunities in Bollywood. In these good times, all of a sudden her private pics were floating on the Internet and thus she lodged a police complaint.

The police have investigated the case and found that it was the work of a casting director named Mahaveer Thak aka Nakul. This casting director and the actress’s boyfriend worked together. Nakul gave Rs 3 lakhs to actress’s boyfriend to make her act in one of the serials. As the serial didn’t shape up as planned Nakul asked her boyfriend to return the money for which he denied. Hence Nakul has stolen the mobile phone of actress’s boyfriend and leaked all the private images of the actress with random social media accounts.

The Police have arrested Nakul and he is in custody now. It is time actresses be on guard even in their budding days so as to avoid bigger damages in the future. Fraudsters are everywhere to knock you down once you grow bigger than they wish. So, it’s better for all to not film any private pics or videos. Only that would avoid this kind of troubles. Need we say more?

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