Actress Slams Netizen For Virginity Remarks


This has become a routine for the actresses to be quiet when they are slut-shamed on social media. Whenever an actress hints at a fan talk on social media platforms, these fickle-minded netizens get ready with some random scrap to question the actresses. They don’t even dare to behave such in the case of actors!

The latest example for social media slut-shaming is Samyuktha Menon, the actress who is famous for appearing Tamil and Malayalam films from 2016. When she started a Q&A session on social media, she was questioned by a netizen ‘Whether She is a Virgin or not? Upon facing such a question, many actresses just ignore but this lady has given a befitting reply saying, “Women have not started slapping hard that’s the reason people like you still question this way. You deserve a tight slap!”

It is high time actresses answer such fickle-minded fellows on social media and make them feel ashamed for such deeds. Only then they mend their thought process.

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