Adult Films Fared Poorly In 2019


As we entered 2020, if we take one look back at the kind of content that the films released in 2019 offered, some seem to be depend on adult comedy and content more than writing, filmmaking values.

Best example of such films is Yedu Chepala Katha. Movie could have been a boundary pushing bold film had the makers concentrated on developing story well.

They wanted to attract public instantly at any cost and made a soft porn film, almost. Censor scissors have cut most part of those scenes and the film, only managed a good opening day, collection.

RDX Love, gave Payal Rajput, a taste of hatred that she can receive for acting in one very wrong film, early in the career. Movie producers tried to pass it off as a story of a woman saving her village but it ended up as a bad attempt at making quick bucks.

Lastly, Cheekati Gadhilo Chitakkottudu released to some hype and the movie collected well in one weekend. Post that it had no legs to attract audiences.

On the whole, the year had very mixed results for adult content, even though porn is banned by many mobile networks. May be directors and producers, need good content as well.

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