After Agnyaathavaasi, Saaho Copied Largo Winch!


‘Largo Winch’, 2008 French Action Thriller, led to a serious discussion after the release of ‘Agnyaathavaasi’. Director of the French Flick had even initiated legal action against makers of the Pawan Kalyan-starrer for lifting many scenes without acquiring the rights.

On the release day of ‘Saaho’, Hashtag #LargoWinch kept trending. The plot of the Prabhas-starrer looks similar to that of ‘Largo Winch’. Undercover Cop sub-plot was used by Sujeeth to make audience believe that it’s an original script. Movie Buffs are intelligent enough analyse the similarities between both the projects. Wat will the makers of Largo Winch do now? Will they initiate legal action against yet another Indian flick?

‘Saaho’ opened to mixed response at the Box Office. Majority of the Movie Lovers who watched the biggie reacted negatively. Yet, ‘Saaho’ is expected to created All Time Day 1 record in the Telugu States with a mammoth opening. It has to collected as much as possible in the first weekend or else the losses could be massive.

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