Ajith’s Take On IT Raids On Vijay


The news of IT raids at the residences of film financier Anbuchezhiyan, AGS Entertainment producer and hero Vijay has created a sensation irrespective of industries.

Now one more top hero on the Tamil industry Ajith Kumar has made some sensational comments on the raids and found fault with the raids only being conducted at the residences of film stars.

He wondered why the IT department doesn’t conduct any raids in the residences of politicians as Ajith believes that politicians possess more money than the film stars. He even said that the politicians are looting the country.

Ajith is the only actor from the Tamil industry who extended his support to his fellow actor Vijay while the other stars have kept their silence on this issue.

On the other hand, Vijay fans took to Twitter and created #WeStandwithThalapathyVijay which has been trending as the fans shared many posts and memes supporting the star.

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