Akula Siva’s Ultimatum To Chinni Krishna


Writer Akula Siva breathed fire on Chinni Krishna for making controversial comments Mega Brothers. ‘I have come before media to remind Chinni Krishna about the pages Chinni Krishna forgotten in his life. When I wrote the script of ‘Nayak’, Chiranjeevi garu invited Me for lunch in his house, offered Me Rs 5 lakh and asked Me to write Story/Dialogues for his 150th Flick. That’s his character! Why would anybody invite a person like Chinni Krishna to his/her house? Sometime ago, Chinni Krishna pleaded Me for the release of his Brother from Police Custody. I went to Tenali for helping him. Did I want to turn that page of Chinni Krishna? Does he have the stature, character and honesty to criticise Chiru and Pawan? How many times did he ask Me to introduce him to Pawan Kalyan? I told him that PK willn’t meet people like him. Here character matters the most not caste,’ he revealed.

Akula Siva claimed to be aware of the dark past of Chinni Krishna – ‘Do I need to show whom did Chinni Krishna marry in the temple? Who has written the major scenes and dialogues in Indra? When Chiru asked Me to include My Name as a Writer, Chinni Krishna pleaded Me for solo credit. When Chiru offered Me the chance to direct in Ashwini Dutt’s banner ‘Okato Number Kurrodu’, You created rumours as if I abused Dutt & KRR to ruin my dream. How many issues happened after Chinni Krishna copied ‘Narasimha Naidu’ script from a Tamil flick. Who saved him when C Kalyan came to thrash him? He might have got away in the Tara Chowdary case in United AP but faces severe consequences for wrongdoings in Telangana Government’.

The Writer cautioned Chinni Krishna not to assume that he will be in the limelight if he targets Pawan Kalyan. He warned that all the pages of Chinni Krishna will be opened if he continues to walk in the wrong path.

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