All Is Not Well Between Allu & Mega Compounds!


There have been speculations about the rift between the Mega family and the Allu family for a long time. They thrashed them as mere rumors and claimed that they all are one family but trusted sources say that all is not well between these two camps.

They state that Megastar is the reason behind this gap. After making his re-entry in Ram Charan’s banner, many thought that he will be acting in ‘Geetha Arts’ banner for whom we worked in many films. But it did not happen and Chiru did ‘Sye Ra’ in Konidela Company again. Now, he is doing Koratala’s film in Ram Charan’s banner along with Matinee Entertainments. This reportedly created a bit of dissent in the Allu compound and they are maintaining distance from Mega family heroes.

On the other hand, Allu Aravind is very upset over the fact that Chiru lined up Kalyan Dhev’s film in their banner instead of giving his own dates as per sources. The young gen heroes are reportedly not liking the idea of producing Kalyan Dhev’s film under ‘GA2 Pictures’. This way, the cracks between the Mega and Allu compounds are growing bigger with each passing day. Hope the family heads sort out these issues as soon as possible.

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