Allari Naresh’s Naandi Poster Talk


Allari Naresh who is known for his comedy films seems to have taken a different route for his upcoming film ‘Naandi’. Right from the first look, the makers showed Naresh locked up in jail and being completely naked. The latest poster also follows the same pattern where Naresh is seen without any clothes in a police station.

The team announced that the first impact of ‘Naandi’ will be released on 30th June and FIR (First Impact Reveal) is written on the poster which creates a lot of curiosity. This is Naresh’s 57th film and people are hoping that he scores a hit with this film. Naresh proved his acting prowess in films like ‘Gamyam’ and ‘Maharshi’ and showed that he has more to offer other than just comedy. The audience are praising Naresh for going bold for this film and hailing it as terrific look.

Directed by Vijay Krishna, ‘Naandi’ is produced by Satish Vegesna. A lot of top quality technicians like Brahma Kadali, Chota K Prasad, writer Abburi Ravi and others have worked on this film. The release date is yet to be announced.

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