Allu Arjun Fined Rs 735 By Hyd Traffic Police


In 2012, Supreme Court banned usage of Black Tinted Glasses on Four-Wheelers. Most Celebrities, however, continue to violate this norm for the sake of their privacy.

Recently, Allu Arjun has proudly presented his Rs 7 crore-worth caravan named as Falcon. On July 16th, A Student by name Mohd Abdul Azam noticed black tinted glass covering on this caravan when it was passing through Himayathsagar Area. He took a photo of the luxury vehicle and tweeted it to the Hyderabad Traffic Police. Without any delay, Cops issued an e-challan of Rs 735 to the caravan with registration number TS09FG 0666.

This is what happens if Celebrities boast about their luxury possession. Nobody would have bothered about the black tinted glass on the caravan had if people aren’t aware of the fact that it belongs to a Star Hero. Now, The Actor is paying the price for publicity campaign. Of course, Rs 735 isn’t a big deal for him but the negativity surrounding him can’t be ignored.

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