Amala Paul Says That She Did Not Marry, Secretly!


Amala Paul’s images with her business partner came out in public recently. She looked completely in Love and there was even a liplock too.

Any actor might say that they were just acting in certain images but there will be some difference that we can always notice in private photoshoots and “created” ones.

This one looked like a private photoshoot whose pics are never meant to be leaked on any social media, platforms.

Her male friend deleted the photos but they went viral. Amala released a press statement through her PR Manager and said that she did not get married secretly.

She said that the photoshoot was for their brand and she won’t get married in secret. She also said that she wants to wear designer clothes and celebrate the occasion.

For a brand promotion that she owns with her friend, she did a photoshoot that involves a liplock!? She can do a better cover-up job than that.

She might have not gotten married but the couple might have done one “pre-wedding photoshoot”! Even we can only speculate but if it is just a photoshoot for a brand, they went too far!

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