Anasuya clarifies on quitting Jabardasth


Anchor Anasuya shared on her social media twitter account that she did not quit the show, Jabardasth like some news outlets are reporting.

She tweeted,

“I am very well still.. with God`s grace.. #Jabardast Anasuya
Had to tweet on this so I don`t loose my cool answering/calming people down with the clarity
To you-know-who-I-am-talking-about (No.. Not Voldemort)
#StopTheJoblessNews #GetALife”

Recently, Mallelamala Entertainments Private limited, producer of shows like Dhee, Jabardasth had to let go of some of its long time associates like directors, writers and with them, few actors have also left the company.

Shockingly, Naga Babu also ended his relationship with Jabardasth but assured that he did not fall out of friendship or favour with Shayamprasad Reddy, owner of Mallemala.

They all cited the financial disagreements as the reason for leaving the company but anchors like Anasuya, Rashmi, Ravi and Pradeep were never been bound by any agreements with a certain production house in their careers.

So, Anasuya leaving Jabardasth for any cause other than her date issues or decision to not work anymore, needs scrutiny before publicised and highlighted as hot gossip!

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