Anchor Sreemukhi In The Bathtub!


Sreemukhi entered Entertainment Industry as a co-anchor 7 years ago. She then made an attempt to enter into films but she couldn’t become as successful as she hoped to.

But her pairing on TV with Anchor Ravi as host of shows like Pataas, made her highly famous.

She too credits her recent surge in popularity and her naughty loud personality on screen to Ravi more. The aspiring actress and popular anchor has been increasing bolder each day.

But she still maintains a decent attire to not over expose her skin. But in a gothic style she tried a complete look dominated by black color. She used black lipstick and wore black gown in a bathtub to show off her sensuous side.

It is quite hard to recognize her but her mole on the nose and ring on the left hand middle finger, say that it is her indeed.

Well, she seems to be trying new things to keep her admirers and followed guessing all the time.

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