Anchor’s Cousin Affected By Corona


Actor and Anchor Ravi needs no introduction these days. He is famous for his comedy show ‘Patas’ and ‘Adirindi’. Ravi has become a household name in both the Telugu states and has quite a good following among youth.Recently this Anchor has come on facebook live and explained how the situation is becoming worse due to the pandemic in the capital Hyderabad. He said that one of his cousins was affected with the Corona virus and is fighting it hard to save his life.Ravi has urged all the fans to be safe and build their immunity by eating good food especially leafy vegetables. He also said to lower the intake of non-vegetarian foods that kill immunity.In a way he said to his fans to not step out until there is an emergency then only they can be safe if not they may endanger their lives to the pandemic!

Netigens are appreciating the genuine awareness of the Anchor and wishing his safety too. Ravi ended saying that they have resumed shooting in strictly safe conditions where big sanitizers are provided for the cast and crew. The actors and other cast are just removing the mask only when needed to shoot!

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