Another Actress Shares Her Casting Couch Experience


The #MeToo movement has definitely brought a change in the Indian film industry. All thanks to the social media, the actresses are now coming out in public and confessing the troubles they have experienced in the industry to get the offers. Now, another actress joined the list and shared her story.

Malayalam actress Kani Kusruti has shared her casting couch experiences in a recent interview. She said that once she lost a film offer as she denied to sleep with the director. Apparently, that director invited Kusruti to his bedroom and even tried to convince her mother when she refused this offer.

Eventually, she lost the chance in the film and slowly, fed up with such instances, she quit the acting and took up another profession to make a living. She opined that the metoo movement is bringing the change in the industry and hoped that the casting couch will end through the course of time.

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