Another Example Of Manchu Family’s Generous Heart!


Manchu family’s social service during this time of crisis is garnering huge appreciation from everyone. A few days back Mohan Babu and Vishnu saluted the doctors and cleaners who are working hard in these tough times. This news became viral on social media.

Now, it is the turn of Manchu Manoj. Hearing the troubles faced by the migrant laborers who are trying to reach their hometowns, Manchu Manoj arranged special buses to transport them. He is spending his own money on the food and transport of these laborers. He took a little inspiration from well-known actor Sonu Sood.

We are witnessing a lot of children, old people, and others going to their hometowns by walk as the government has not provided enough facilities for them. Some of them are dying due to the sunstrokes while the others are falling ill. At this time, people like Manchu Manoj are coming forward to help these people in whatever way they can which needs to be appreciated.

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