Another Heroine Points To Casting Couch In Industry!


We have almost made it a common practice to ignore actresses coming out and talking about casting couch in the Industry.

Sexual harassment and abuse have become topics that people need to address immediately but due to some people using MeToo kind of moments for their wrong agendas, the genuine cases have also fell into similar category.

Hence, people are not taking them seriously and are not talking about them with all the sincerity they have to, as well.

While there are new laws and some new institutions in place to look after such matters still people have no fear in demanding”commitments” and putting forth indecent proposals.

Vani Bhojan, Television actress who is looking to make a career in Films said that she dropped out of a film when a producer asked her to sleep with him for the offer.

She said that she wanted to wait for genuine and honest people to work with than such people who are more interested in trapping women like her than make films with talented people.

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